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Transform Your Photography

The complete online and live training resource for portrait, fashion and wedding photographers to elevate their work through expert editing & retouching education

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Learn high-end retouching by watching

In 2018, Sarah began teaching professional photographers around the world her retouching techniques, through relaxed group sessions online. Over the years, this developed into Lightroom training, file and colour management, lighting tutorials, private mentoring for competition and exhibitions, and more. Join us today to explore over 80 hours of video tutorials, a new full 1 hour tutorial added every week and a vibrant, friendly community.

Flexible Pricing, Incredible Value

The monthly membership includes live and recorded classes in the video library, with new videos added every week. Alternatively, save money with the Annual tier, or get best value for money with PRO Annual Membership to include all library content AND full access to PRO Courses, monthly live and interactive group calls, as well as 50% discount on all of Sarah's digital editing and retouching products.

Master your craft with high-end editing techniques

  • With a genuine passion for teaching, Sarah developed her unique approach over many years, helping photograhers hands-on.

  • Learn to develop your own style and personal path rather than trying to impose a cookie-cut method.

  • Learn by watching - Sarah breaks down complicated topics into digestible steps, for immediate results.

  • Access the three core PRO Courses, with complete zero-to-hero training in Lightroom, Photoshop (and the Pro Retouch Workflow) and the renowned Fine Art course on file and colour management, which provides the ULTIMATE guide to preparing your photography for print.

  • Watch every single step of Sarah's renowned retouching process - nothing is held back

  • Community and support for when you get stuck

New editing & retouching training videos added every week

Every week Sarah is creating new content, and if she's retouching it, she's recording it for you! Join her today

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Don't take our word for it. Here's what past students had to say...

Darina Neyret - USA
Christina Gressianu - USA
Ken Mendoza - USA
Angela Adams - UK
Hande Gurdogan - USA
Kitti McMeel - USA
Karen Bentley - UK
Andrea Maritzer Fine
Kate Swerdlow

"I got my first Silver with the Portrait Masters! I can only account for the bump up due to phenomenal retouching and PRW!!"

Darina Neyret - USA

"Lord I love PRW, my edits are faster and better than ever. I don't know how I functioned before"

Christina Gressianu - USA

"I loooove the logical, structured workflow that just works! Thank you Sarah! It's a little like having Sarah next to me editing."

Ken Mendoza - USA

"I very rarely purchase photography editing tools but felt Sarah Edmunds' were worth trialing. A few weeks on and all I have to say is wow! Thank you Sarah!"

Angela Adams - UK

"Sarah Edmunds, your fine art retouching took my portraits to the next level and turned them into signature works of art. Can't thank you enough!!"

Hande Gurdogan - USA

I do a lot of retouching. And I have spent a lot of money on education. can't say enough about Sarah Edmunds PRW and her workflow. Just amazing"

Kitti McMeel - USA

"I’ve finally found the time to watch the video Raw to Retouched in its entirety. I am blown away by the possibilities and beautiful options! Yes Sarah, I DID enjoy it (massively) and yes it was very VERY USEFUL!!

Karen Bentley - UK

"So pleased with my first serious foray into this world. It's a terrific program and I'm convinced that it won't take me too long to really get the hang of it. Thank you Sarah for being committed to helping us all to move forward"

Andrea Maritzer Fine

"Not only am I bossing my one light headshot but now I feel like a whole new Super Wacomwoman. My client was so thrilled at what happened last night she made an unexpected review on my Local Area Fb page. I feel like I’ve been born again. Thank you Sarah for these incredible new tools in my box" 

Kate Swerdlow

Watch on any screen

Watch your retouching, editing & lighting classes any time you like. As long as you have a browser and an internet connection, you can watch and learn.

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Brands working with Sarah Edmunds

Sarah is a Global Ambassador for some of the best brands in the photography industry. Here is who she works with:

AI-Powered Lightroom Editing

Imagen changed lives for wedding, event and portrait photographers overnight. Sarah's custom editing talent profile "Love & Light" is their best-seller, and she is proud to represent them at photography events around the world.

Photography Lighting Equipment

Sarah has used Godox lighting equipment exclusively since 2017, and has been their Global Ambassador and Master Educator since 2021. Visit Godox's YouTube channel to see Sarah's "Photography Lighting Academy"

Iconic Fine Art Paper

Established in 1557, this iconic brand of fine art papers chose Sarah to be their ambassador in 2023. The same year she visited the historic paper mill in France to be personally trained by their fine art print technicians.

Wedding Albums & Wall Art

The Italian company that invented the wedding album as we know it today.  Sarah has been speaker, educator and ambassador for Graphistudio since 2019

Watch live or the replay

Dramatic Studio Fashion

In this video, Sarah takes this dramatic in-camera effect created for the Godox lighting tutorial, and polishes it up with the Pro Retouch Workflow

● Raw to Retouched live session


In this interactive live stream, Sarah showed pet photographers how to retouch dogs for a fine art look using the Pro Retouch Workflow (PRW)

● Live Stream

Fantasy Maternity

In this collection of videos, Sarah turns a maternity shot into a fairytale. Recorded pre-PRW (without the Pro Retouch Workflow) in Photoshop

● Pre-Recorded Session

Print Competition Edit

Sarah takes a member's raw file and prepares it for competition, LIVE. The final print was a finalist at the International ICON Awards

● Raw to Retouched Live Session

Fashion Finalist

In this video, Sarah shares the preliminary retouch for her finalist in the Fashion Photographer of the Year awards for The Society of Photographers

Sunday at 12:00 ET

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a subscription plan?

The Monthly Premium Membership is the flexible option, you can cancel anytime! It costs 29 USD per month, and includes all videos in the video library, with the exception of the PRO Courses.

The Annual Premium Membership is paid annually (so you save $49), and includes all videos in the video library, with the exception of the PRO Courses.

The PRO Premium Membership is paid annually (so you save $$$), and includes all videos in the video library, AND:

  • full access to three recorded core PRO Courses - Foundations (4-week Lightroom Intensive), Finesse (Mastering Photoshop retouching with the Pro Retouch Workflow), Fine Art (File & Colour Management for print), as well as any updates we add to those courses because of changing technology, for as long as you are a member

  • monthly interactive zoom calls with Sarah (including The Judging Room Online)

  • 50% discount on all digital products (PRW actions, Love Color profiles)

  • 30% discount on private mentoring and coaching with Sarah

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes, you can access the content anywhere you can use a web browser, and the videos play perfectly on a cellphone or tablet.

Can I cancel any time?

Monthly members can cancel any time before their next monthly charge. Annual members can cancel any time before their next annual charge.

You can cancel from your user dashboard.

Are there any courses for Photoshop beginners?

Most of the content here is catered towards professional or amateur photographers with at least some working knowledge of Photoshop. Some of the content is fairly advanced.If in doubt, sign up for a free trial and take a look around to see if the content fits you.

Some basic free courses to get you started, if you are new to this, are planned and in the works.

Are these just Photoshop tutorials or are there other photography tutorials as well such as posing, lighting etc?

Most of Sarah's back catalog of videos is of retouching portraits, focusing mainly on using Photoshop to edit and manipulate to provide a high quality polished result. 

However, Sarah is an expert educator of lighting and posing as well, for fashion, beauty, wedding and all genres of portrait photographer. New videos and tutorials are in the works, with over 100 videos online, so sign up for your free trial today!